Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Milich and the Foster kids at fishermans landing in Point Loma, CA

Back from San Diego this week… My favorite part of the trip is always the stop about half-way. Somewhere around Blythe or Yuma… SD is 70 degrees and then the next time you get out of the car in Yuma it’s 115. Literally, it feels like you’ve just opened an oven door. In fact try that sometime. Heat your oven to 115 and then stick your face in it. No, wait. That’s probably not a good idea.

Anyhow, I’ve been helping my wife paint this week. It’s not one of my ‘gifts’. She’s been hinting at that. But, I will persevere. By the way – it’s really not very hard to paint. You have a wall, you have a brush, you dip the brush in the paint and you slap it on the wall. Why is that hard? I’ve got issues.

OK, this next part is a bit of a stretch in trying to apply it to what I'm talking about, but it’s such a good thought I will throw it in here. It’s about self esteem and not running from issues but working on them head on.

“All research suggests that self-esteem largely boils down to one issue: When you face a difficult situation, do you approach it, take action, and face it head on, or do you avoid it, wimp out, and run and hide?” John Ortberg’s summary of the book, Self-Esteem: Paradoxes and Innovations in Clinical Theory and Practice, Second Edition Richard L. Bednar and Scott R. Peterson. (yeah, I know, light reading)

So, I paint. Not because I’m good at it but because I’m ‘taking action while facing a difficult situation’. Although my wife may never ask for my help while painting again… hmmm…. Maybe that’s subconsciously what I’ve been aiming for all along… hmmm… interesting…

renovare, j

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azdaryl said...

Glad you're having paint 'therapy' dude! Ignore this message, I am NOT making contact... you are underground. I'm trying not to mess everything up though. (grin)