Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some Poetry

The mud on my shoes
Tells me its the time of year
For flowers to choose
Whether they will reappear

And for the first time in a long season
I forget reasons to remember
Why i freeze with regret

Where Black Rocks Sing
where black rocks sing and waters play
light hides in dancing caves
trees perform to wind's delight
smile escapes without a fight

sun just laughs and steals away
with the moon and in their place
dark appears to sit close by
whispering plans, sharing the night

wind quiets down
without a breath
light gives up
the trees all rest

the beginning and the end are free
to stop and kiss where black rocks sing

It's clear you need to move on
Your song's done and no one
Wants you around so be gone

I'm not afraid of you
You're more of an annoyance
I try avoidance
But that doesn't work so be gone

Take a hint
Before I dent you upside the brain
Tryin' to knock some sense
Through intentional pain

That's it
Take cover
Time's up
Fly swatter
(Whack!) Good bye
I warned you stupid fly

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