Thursday, January 18, 2007

Habits, Teeth Brushing

The most productive way to start a new habit is also the hardest thing to do… deciding. Not deliberating. Not more education. Not anything except a good, ole decision. Once we decide then we just treat it like a habit. Tidlen H. Edwards in talking of the habit of prayer said, “Brushing our teeth, once its a habit, is very simple. So is prayer time. If we leave open a crack for 'redeciding' every day, then it becomes complicated.”

Secondly, when we feel resistance to whatever it is that we have decided to do we should probably just lightly acknowledge the resistance and move on with it. The more we ‘judge’ ourselves for our resistance the more we complicate the whole matter. Most of the time, even when I’m tired, I don’t think about whether I should brush my teeth or not. I just do it. (although you wouldn’t know it by talking to my dentist!) It’s simple. It’s a decision I’ve made. Edwards goes on to say, “Judgment complicates our resistance and turns what is simple into a heavy struggle.” That sounds like human nature. Taking what is simple and making it a struggle.

Start a new habit today if you have to. Decide to. Don't try. Just do it.

Rennovare, J


Nancy D. said...

My favorite saying is (because I made it up myself) "It's only a struggle if we put up a fight".

jonathan foster said...

that's very true!

ps - you know you've 'made it' when you quote yourself. i do it often.