Thursday, November 15, 2007

Being Thankful

I find it easy to compartmentalize my life… Too often I look at things from a physical perspective, or purely a spiritual perspective. But life is not like that. Its integrated. For example, I’ll be thinking about being thankful all this coming week. Now, I might not think of the theme of thanksgiving but only once throughout the year. Which is kind of funny. Because if I am only really thinking about it one week out of the year aren’t I kind of missing the point? I mean, honestly, who am I kidding? I cant just be thankful this coming Thursday and then when the day is over not think about growing a grateful heart anymore until next year’s holiday and really say I am a grateful person. But that’s what I do sometimes. I tend to compartmentalize. Implications in other areas in my life…
• I don’t have to study except right before my test at school.
• I don’t have to be smart except when I am trying to pass the exam.
• I don’t have to be loving except when I’m on a date.
• I don’t need to be holy except on Sundays. When its Friday night and I am out, there is no reason to be thinking about Jesus. That comes on Sundays.

Do you see some problems with this kind of thinking?

Something I find in Christianity as much or more than any other religion is a willingness to embrace all areas of our life. It’s not just about escaping the physical world as some religions emphasize. It’s not just about improving your physical conditions as some focus on. It’s a combination. Jesus came to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have evidence of all three in the NT.

Something else I find… God wants to be involved in all areas, all the time. He’s not someone who sits somewhere out there in the cosmos. He’s Emmanuel which is, God with us. He cares about getting involved and He’s jealous of our attention. Yes He’s jealous. Why? Because He knows what’s best for us. Let’s put it this way… Let’s say you’re 20,000 feet up on a plane where the pilot has passed out and the plane is taking a nosedive. If there were another pilot on board somewhere wouldn’t you want him/her to speak up? Wouldn’t you want to know that person was there and capable of landing your plane and saving your life? And wouldn’t that person want to save your life? At that moment wouldn’t he/she want the recognition of being the one who could save you? Absolutely. And that’s the way it is with God. Because the reality is, your plane is going down sooner or later. You really do need to know the pilot. Furthermore, He knows your plane is going down and He wants to save you. That’s why He’s jealous of your attention… because He knows what’s best for you.

So, living a thankful life is not one that just tries to be thankful around the holiday. It’s one that allows God free reign in all areas, all the time. Go ahead. Practice it.

Be thankful.

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