Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jesus was a Viral Marketer

Seth Godin says, "technology doesn't care who you hate." True. But his list highlights more than technology. It highlights speed, the personal and sometimes the authentic as well. Hmmm, makes me think of Jesus. He was effective, personal, authentic and radically different than anyone and anything of his time... and ours.

The religious institution hated him.

Do they still? In what ways would you say they do? Good questions.


jtc said...

hmmm interesting question and I'm not sure I have an answer ... my only thought would be that since we cannot change God (although we certainly try) or speak for God (although we certainly try) that maybe the bigger question we should ask is... What would Jesus hate about today's Church? ... in the hope that we be changed.

jonathan foster said...

Using hate and Jesus in the same sentence is pretty interesting isn't it? He must have had some intense emotions though (driving money changers out) and I've always been fascinated with passages like proverbs 6:16-20 (God hating some things). You're right, I don't want to speak for God but some things that seem incongruous between today's Church (at least in America) and Jesus are consumerism, me-ism, rationalizing, us defining what our cross is rather than allowing God to do that... stuff like that.

jtc said...

your points are spot on and certainly we can deduce and discern so I'm not sure in what context I meant that we cannot speak for God ... maybe because it is a election year and often we see him pulled into all kinds of conversations ... but now I must apologize as I am way off your original post.