Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Prayer for Kenya

This is a letter that was sent to my friends, Pam and Nelson, who forwarded on to me. I thought that whatever else I would write today couldn't be more important than this. I don't know Bill and Felicia personally but I will pray for them.

Mayhem continues in Kenya
Although the killing, rioting and mayhem in Kenya has ceased to be the top headline story on CNN, FOX and the MSNBC news, there is still much upheaval. We need your prayers!!!
Saturday, 30 people were murdered up in Nakuru during continued rioting over the latest election results. And yesterday (Sunday) another 15 people were killed and thousands were displaced in a violent protest in Navasha. Navasha is fairly close to our home in Karen. Last night at about 9 pm our friend and house helper called us to rescue her from her home just 10 minutes from our home. Gangs of angry protesters were in her area looking to kill people of her tribe (Luo). She was escorted to the nearest police station were she stayed the night sleeping on the floor with her two small children. This morning I (Bill) went to pick her and her children up and went back to their 8ft. x 8ft. home to get some of her things. They are now staying with us for several nights in hopes that things will cool down soon.
For the most part, it is peaceful around our home in Karen. Life seems almost normal. We do not travel far from our home because it is still not safe. Everywhere I go I can feel the tension and fear in the air. Most people do not know who to trust. It is always tense when passing a group of young men on the side of the road. Tomorrow I have to travel to downtown Nairobi to take care of some important business. There has been a lot of violence in and near the downtown area. Please pray for my safety.
Please pray for safety and peace.
Pray that the violence will cease soon.
Pray for all the families of those that have lost their lives during the violence.
Pray for all the thousands, up to 300,000 people displaced and living in fields and makeshift shelters.
Pray for our church and the other churches to step up and help where needed.

Thank you,
Bill & Felicia

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