Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Playstation War

Haven't blogged in a few days... the 'playstation war' (see previous post) has been on my mind... I've read up on it a bit. It's estimated that over 5 million people have died in recent years over mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African nations.

5 million people!?

Also, the issue isn't just video games but laptops and cell phones as well.

I need a new phone. The obvious question is, does the cell phone I'm interested in use tantulum, the refined metal mined in Africa? I'll do some checking... I doubt anyone is telling.

Meanwhile here's a link to Robin Brown's article in rabble news which includes these practical (although admittedly limited) ideas on how not to be involved in fueling a war while still using technology.

1) Call their cell phone manufacturer and ask if their phones contain Congolese coltan.

2) Do what they can to make sure their personal savings or pension money is not invested in companies doing business in the Congo.

3) Support the Congolese people by raising awareness of the war.

God help us.

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shawnmcq said...

Been thinking about a response to this one for sometime now. The one "side effect" of becoming a believer in Christ is that your empathy and compassion grows leaps and bounds...almost to the point that is hurts deep inside. I find myself aching when I read stuff like this. I remember watching the movie "Blood Diamond" and it ripped my heart out.
I think you are right on target by bringing the issue to the forefront. I truly feel that is the way to change the problem. It is an incredibly serious problem that is causing violence, murder and suffering. Raising awareness...that is the best way to get people to change their buying power.

Jonathan Foster said...

yeah, it's a tough issue cuz it's so bad and yet so seemingly removed from us. but you're right, the least we can do is raise awareness. thanks for the thoughts.

jtc said...

simple yet effective action points.

I do not want to contribute to the enemy even in ignorance ... so awareness incites prayer, incites action, incites change.