Monday, August 18, 2008


The Original Starbucks

Spent some time in Seattle with my wife over the weekend (bottom left hand of lower picture). We had a great time at Jim Manker's church but more importantly we visited Market Street, saw lots of flowers, some some fish being thrown around, and visited the original Starbucks.

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shawnmcq said...

Seattle. What was it...about 72? Cool breeze? Hey... It's a 108 here J!! We have no breeze here! That is really not a very nice thing to show! Very cruel. Next time show me some pictures of Death Valley or Barstow, then I can relate! Well, at least I have a Starbucks down the street. I am going to walk in, sit down and take in the cool a.c. and pretend I am in Seattle! So there!!:)

Jonathan Foster said...

it was 90 in seattle. they were sweating it out! we were quite comfortable though.

shawnmcq said...

There, see! said it... "quite comfortable". I have third degree burns from my steering wheel and my garage feels like a pizza oven. The cold water from my kitchen faucet is warm enough to cook Top Ramen. No justice, no justice, no justice!