Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prayers at Political Rally

Well, to be honest I didn't watch much of either the Republican or Democratic convention. That's probably why I'm just now running across this clip of Donald Miller praying at the DNC. I don't have an agenda in posting this... just thought it was interesting.

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jtc said...

as a Donald Miller fan I'm glad you posted this... though some of the comments on youtube are pretty disparaging.

There seems to be more division in this election than any other I remember, and I guess I can respect people being passionate about politics but it seems like fools gold to me.

what was it Jesus said to Pilate? who really holds power and authority?

my prayers for change have changed to prayers for unity.

Jonathan Foster said...

'fools gold' is accurate.

have you seen the movie btw? 'fools gold'? terrible. top 5 worst ever.

prayer for unity is always wise.