Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why do they Assume that I want to Hear so many Guys Talking about Football?

So, I've got a problem with all the 'commentators' on the football shows... NBC's Football Night in America has 7 talking heads. Who needs 7 guys talking about football? It's too many. FOX has historically had too many with Terry, Howie, Jimmy and James... and now they've added Michael! There's no depth to the comments because everyone is fighting for their 8 second sound byte.

Hmm.... some of the better shows (or at least more popular) on TV and radio are hosted by one person. I haven't done the research on the ratings, I'm just assuming that it's Oprah and Rush. They're both one-person shows. Shouldn't someone learn from this?

I like everyone on Football Night in America... Costas, King, Olberman, Patrick, Bettis, Barber and Collinsworth. They're all good. But just give me two or three of them! Good grief! What's up with this? It's irritating.

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