Thursday, October 02, 2008

Inside Peace

As the climate begins to approach fever-pitch this election season it's good to be reminded that regardless of who's in the white house, or on capital hill, or in your town, family or marriage... regardless of the financial outlook facing us as a nation or you personally... no matter what issue is currently staring down at you..

the Kingdom of Heaven is currently available to you through Jesus Christ.

It seems counter-intuitive... no, it is counter-intuitive in the midst of chaos to assume that peace is available. It appears more rational to assume that noise must be eliminated and clutter organized before God's internal work can begin or continue. Yet, Jesus communicated that via Him - not the systems of the world - that God was accessible.

The people of Jesus' day had a problem with his approach. They assumed that God would come only through their prescribed way of thinking... The Pharisees said that the law had to be interpreted more strictly. The Zealots said the government had to be overthrown. The Herodians/Saducees said that working with the government was the only way to usher in God's kingdom. Jesus didn't fit into any of those groups.

In 2008 He still doesn't really fit into any of those groups... or any of our groups... my groups... His way is different than mine. I tend to form opinions from the outside in. He always works from the inside out.

Do not assume that God's kingdom is accessible unless something changes. The only thing that needs to change is your willingness to change.

The Kingdom of Heaven is presently available to everyone.

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shawnmcq said...

AMEN! In the mist of tragedy, I have been able to focus on God's love and my heart is changed. The sunset is beautiful, the smile on a child is worth more than a million dollars. Watching a dog wag it's tail...simply because I am there, smelling freshly baked cookies that my daughter has made, the list can go on and on. Yes, my friend, Heaven is presently available to everyone. It is right in front of us, every moment. Cherish the gift that is given. My testimony is living proof of that. It is here...ask and you shall receive.

karmenl said...

I have been learning that The Kingdom of Heaven began when Jesus came, ministered, died, resurrected and ascended into heaven. It is present, not here completely, yet is always coming (if that makes sense). I like how NT Wright talks about the complete arrival of The Kingdom---where Jesus where 'put everything to rights.'

This has infused my faith with hope that I've never had before. His Kingdom is here and we are fortunate enough to have been invited to participate in it. It is a completely new way of looking at the world around me.

jtc said...

grest post.

Jonathan Foster said...


present, not here completely, yet is always coming... no that doesn't make sense... but i think it's right!