Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winners and Losers

More presidential debates tonight. Someone will win. Someone will lose. (Not the debate - the election - because seriously these debates are filled with so much political rhetoric how can you even understand half of whats being said? And have you seen the way some of these networks cover the debate? It's like Football Night in America with 47 commentators. Shut up, already.) Sorry, meanwhile....

Society is always divided between the winners and losers. Take the recent Florida HS football game which ended in a 91-0 score.

What if the only way you win is if you lose?

When is the last time you heard a football coach, or politician... or anyone talking about football or politics frame things in that perspective? You'd be crazy to talk like that. Losing is not fun. Then you’re not in control. No one looks up to you. You’re not in power. You have no authority.

Watchman Nee said, “The question for the universe is, ‘Who will have the authority?'”

What if the only way Christianity prevails is if it’s defeated?

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BrandonDoral said...

yeah i dont know if that kind of talk would be tolerated. i agree with all of that, but i dont know that i would even respond in the way i am thinking i would want to. good thoughts.

Jonathan Foster said...

i dont know if i would respond the way i want to either!

it's counter-intuitive. for sure.