Friday, November 14, 2008

Sharks Football

My mtn-climbing-photographer-canadian-friend, adrian pantea, took this shot of my boy, Evan, after a recent football game. Thanks Adrian! There may be nothing I do that's more fun than coaching my kids!

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shawnmcq said...

"There may be nothing I do that's more fun than coaching my kids!"
Man, isn't that the truth!!! I think the 3 years that I got to coach Riley's soccer team were the best times of my life. (Besides listening to your sermons with cowbells of course!) LOL:-)
Nice photo!

jtc said...

As usual with Adrian's shots, those pictures are super Legit!

With his broad skill set he is like a Swiss army knife ... or maybe more accurately a Canadian army knife (if there was such a thing)

Jonathan Foster said...

too legit to quit

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera????

The most absolute cutest (and favorite) Football player I have ever laid eyes upon!!!

Jonathan Foster said...

ha! i know.

i don't know on the camera. if you check out adrian's site, he might have some info there.