Saturday, January 21, 2012

What It's Like

An envoy of pine greets us. We grunt and groan, stiffly emerging from our vehicles unpacking legs and smoothing out shoulders. The river, crowned with light from a thousand refractions, falls over itself to wave. We shout back amused with so much attention.

Look around…

Under the mountain sky we’re kings and queens

Again drinking deeply of the royal breeze.

Behind us the clarion-screen door calls out names and like ants to a picnic, family members rush to greet us. We spin and run, pinecones under our feet tumbling and laughing into each other.

Many of us. Through a single doorway. One at a time. All together.

Inside, we lean into the strong pillars while the trip is discussed. There’s an old melody playing somewhere. Some of us hum along. Others smile. Everyone exhales. Preparing to unload some head back to the gravel parking lot. The rocks cough up dirt that won’t leave our shoes for weeks.

Look around…

We have arrived, anticipating.

We have landed, beginning.

Ha! I’ve made it. I’ve so much to look forward to.

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Kerry Miller-Whalen said...

Jonathan, this is so evocative and beautiful - I really enjoy your writing!

Jonathan Foster said...

thank you!