Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spiritual Discipline Thought

Discipline is not the same as punishment.  This begins to explain why I become discouraged about pursuing spiritual disciplines* in my life… I look at it as punishment.  The young lover doesn’t stop looking at other women because his fiancé has told him to do so (although she has the right to ask him to do so!) He stops looking at other women because it frees up his mind and heart.  He can now give all of of his mind and heart to his fiancé.  God has not redeemed us in order for us to be shackled to disciplines.  Rather we pursue disciplines in order for us to experience more freely the great relationship we now have with the Father.

Training is not the same as trying.  Trying puts the emphasis on me.  I cannot try to be a better follower of God.  When my son works with his QB coach he’s not trying to become a better QB, per se.  He’s training his mind, his muscle memory and his body to do certain things that during the course of a game will allow a QB mentality and ethic to flow naturally out of him.  When I’m in training with God, I’m not trying to become a better Christian.  I’m training my mind, my heart, my life so that in the “moment” of decision or crisis or importance the Spirit of God has freedom to well up inside, like a river, and flow out.  John 7:38

*While almost anything can qualify, historically the following spiritual disciplines are the most often talked about… fasting, quietness, solitude, submission, confession, service, meditation, simplicity, study, giving, journaling and small groups
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