Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cats are Cute but Kittens are Cuter

So I went to the John Mayer concert last night with my wife. He told us he gets quoted all the time in blogs and online journals. He didn’t have anything important that was ‘quoteworthy’ to say in between songs except for he did say, “cats are cute but kittens are cuter.” And I guess, I agree with that. Kittens are pretty cute but I don’t really like cats at all. I’m not sure why… I do like cheetahs though. That would be cool to have a cheetah as a pet. All I ever had for pets were small rodents. But a cheetah? That would get everyone’s attention. My kids haven’t had pets that were real exciting either… they’ve had gerbils, hamsters, hermit crabs and fish… there all dead. Our backyard is a veritable pet cemetery. You have to be careful where you play back there because of all the ‘memorial’ popsicle sticks sticking up out of the ground commemorating their lives. We’ve also got other stuff back there like the time my boy, Shay, planted some Tic-Tacs to see if they would grow. Good idea. Our backyard is also full of sharp, thorny things. I guess it’s cuz we live in a desert but I really don’t get why we have these plants in our yard. Every time one of the kids kicks, hits or throws a ball it hits a bush and goes flat. We buy a lot of new kickballs, soccerballs and basketballs cuz of our plants. And it’s not like there is a whole lot of room in our backyard either. It’s like playing kickball in a closet… full of thorns. Oh, and when it’s hot (like today at 109 degrees) it’s like an oven. So, now you see why my kids have issues… they have a hot, closet of a backyard with thorns and animal graves to play in!

So, apparantly like John Mayer, I don't have anything real 'quoteworthy' today either.


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