Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hike to Havasu Falls

My brother-in-law and I took a great hike this past week deep into the Havasupai Indian Reservation of NW Arizona to Havasu Falls. We were like 'Man vs Wild' except that we only spent one night, ate turkey sandwhiches and doritos, watched movies on his ipod and once down there flew out by helicopter. Other than that we were just like 'Man vs Wild'.

Taller than Niagra, Mooney Falls, is over 200 feet. At one point, I thought I heard someone say they were the tallest in the states but that only shows my ignorance cuz it's still a couple thousand feet shorter than Yosemite Falls in CA. (And three thousand feet shorter than the tallest falls in the world, Angel Falls in South America.)

My bro-n-law, Jon North, most likely considering his puny, little existance compared to the rather large body of water dropping over 100 feet at Havasu Falls.

Me at Havasu Falls. 11 miles from trailhead. Which is 90 miles from Seligman, AZ. Which is... well it's all kinda in the middle of nowhere.

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