Monday, February 18, 2008

A Pillow Sham is not an Illegal Activity

Bumper Sticker... “Is it transportation or a lifestyle?” The odds are you wont see this on a BMW (at least not a new one). It’s clear that the more you’ve invested in your car the more it's not about the transportation and it’s more about the lifestyle.

It's not so much different than anything else (clothes, house, t.v., etc…). Initially you just want transportation, one decent set of work clothes, and a used ipod. But eventually it leads to shopping for pillow shams at Crate and Barrel. I’ve been married 17 years and just now recently came to understand what a pillow sham is. For a long time it just didn’t compute. I assumed it was some kind of nefarious activity involving pillows or pillow cases or something… you know, a pillow sham. But alas, pillow shams are real and so are drapes, and so are chargers and noise-canceling-headphones, and solar powered laptop bags, valet parking at the local gym and $500 days at Sea World. (And lest you think I’m judging, these are all things I have consumed, craved or followed at one time or another in my life.)

It's never been easier to be "sold out" to God and yet be a practicing materialist.

Randy Alcorn, author of Money, Possessions and Eternity says, “Materialism is not just wrong – it’s stupid. Promising fulfillment in dollars and possession and land and houses and cars and clothes and boats and hot tubs and campers and travel and all the while thinking what the drug addict thinks – that the only hope is getting more of the same.”

Your life... is it transportation or a lifestyle?

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