Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seven Rules

Pretty interesting article in the latest Fast Company magazine about Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Here's his 7 Rules for Job Satisfaction.
  1. Never follow your passion, but by all means bring it with you.
  2. Beware of teamwork.
  3. Vomit proudly and whenever necessary.
  4. Be careful, but don't be fooled--safety is never first.
  5. Think about what you are doing--never how.
  6. Ignore advice such as "Work smart, not hard." It's dangerous--and moronic.
  7. Consider quitting

Feel free to share your own conclusions.

I'm not sure if #3 has any connection with the spiritual journey. #4 reminds me of what Erwin McManus says, "Don't live a fail-safe life. Create an environment where it's safe to fail."

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