Monday, June 16, 2008

Questions lead to Answers lead to Questions

There are questions that need answers. Fortunately answers can be found. But that only presents another set of problems because I've found the best answers always to lead to more and better and deeper and interestinger questions.

I believe Jesus is The Answer.

But sooner or later He leads me to more questions. So, I keep living in the middle of answers and questions... in that shadow thing that Elliot wrote about in "The Hollow Men"... I live there because honestly, where else would I go? (Isnt that what Peter exclaimed? John 6)

I live there also because not having everything explained seems to make some sense. Mystery isn't the absence of meaning it's the presence of meaning too great to understand.

But then there are the things that do make sense to me and here's one that keeps me hanging around Jesus... He's the only religious leader to talk about sin and claim to be the remedy for sin. Other religions offer enlightenment, habits, karma, reincarnation, rules, the law and other belief systems in order to make up for my deficiency. Jesus is the only one who said to me, "Hey, you have a problem that is way worse than anything you could dream up and it's not going to change by trying harder. It's only going to change by letting me pay the price. And I will. Because I love you more than anything you can imagine." (that's me paraphrasing what Jesus said in the NT) He's the only one in history who ever said anything like that.

Something like that is just crazy enough to believe.

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shawnmcq said...

J...where in the world do you come up with great stuff?
I love it! You know, the other night I went to dinner with some friends and I picked up the tab. If you think about it, Jesus picked up the whole tab for everyone! He put the whole thing on his heavenly Visa card (which by the way, only accepts his pain, blood, and suffering as payment). And he didn't even ask us to leave a tip, he just took care of the whole darn thing! The the only thing he wants in return is love. What a deal! It just might be crazy enough to believe!

Jonathan Foster said...

ha, that's good. yes, indeed he did pick up the tab. you have to learn to be a good 'receiver' around God because He gives so much. thanks.