Monday, November 03, 2008

Margin of Error

Three-word-phrases that make little sense to me include, "Some Assembly Required", "Selling Like Hotcakes", and of course, "Margin of Error." seems to break down the meaning of "margin of error" for me a little. Unfortunately I'm not a mathematician so I can't seem to grasp the concept for long. Like picking up ice cubes I spilled on the kitchen floor this morning with wet hands, I have to concentrate and go slowly and even then I'm bound to have some slip through my fingers.

The phrase has got me thinking though... What's the margin of error in your life? A four-percent margin of error might mean that 95 times out of a 100 you react to challenges in life within four points of what the right answer is. Hmmm... What if your margin of error is bigger? What if you're further away from the right answer? Furthermore, what if your confidence level is lower?

The complex (I know, some would say simple) mathematical equations we've come up with to determine polling accuracy make me wonder about how complex our equations would have to be regarding questions of eternal significance. Like, how good do you have to be in order to have an authentic relationship with a perfect God? If your responses to situations, tests and issues in life determine your ability to bring heaven on earth and give eternal heaven how often do you need to respond correctly... 25, 65, 95%? You would probably concede that no one responds perfectly 100% of the time so... let's pick a number... 80%. Let's say that in order to be in a right relationship with the Creator one needs to come in at around an 80% correct response rate, what makes up the last 20%?

What makes up the difference?

Better yet, who makes up the difference?

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