Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why is God Silent?

I spoke recently on "Why would God be Quiet?"

If you're like me, you've gone through seasons where it seems as though God is distant or silent. Why would that be the case? This isn't definitive by any stretch. This is just what God is teaching me....

A - God is quiet to get my attention. A noisy God... a louder God doesn't get my attention but a quiet God might.

C - When he has my attention I realize I need to confess. It isn't the sole reason God doesn't seem to answer prayers but it's always something to look at: Is there any unconfessed issues in my life? They might be getting in the way from hearing from God.

D - As I confess I learn about my desire. You see, you can learn a lot about the light by being in the light. But you can learn a lot about the light by being in the dark as well. Namely, how bad do you want it? Are you searching after him like you would search for a hidden treasure? Often that's the only way to hear from God.

C - Ultimately this leads us all to the most important concept of all: Control. Who's going to have control in your life? God's silence is sometimes a defense against my attempts at controlling him. His silence reminds me I can't control much of anything! Sooner or later I have to surrender and give him control.

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jtc said...

You make excellent points ... Do we trust God's plan, even in his silence? Can we relinquish the need for control, to realize his will?

Somebody said that God's greatest blessings are often unanswered prayers, and looking back on moments in my life, I know that is true.

It's the beauty of our souls, that long for his closeness.

Jeff Goins said...

ACDC? What...?

Miss you at

Reading your e book now...