Monday, September 10, 2012

Worship Part I: Realizing Value

I remember collecting rocks in the mountains as a boy.  I had read somewhere that there might be gold in the rocks.  My father didn't discourage me.  He humored me (and certainly humored himself) by allowing me to bring a box of rocks back home so that I could boil them on my mothers stove to extract the molten gold!  I was convinced I was carrying hidden treasure around in those stones.  My father knew I wasn't carrying anything substantive.  Imagine for a moment if my father had been wrong.  Think about what his reaction would have been if gold were to ooze out of those boiled rocks!  His perspective would have changed.  He would've thought something to the effect of, "I had no idea what we were carrying around had so much value."

Those of us who have invited God to move into our lives are actually carrying around a hidden treasure.  It is worth far more than anything we can imagine.  Sometimes we forget.  Sometimes we lose sight of what we have.

Worship is what happens when we realize the value of what we carry.

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