Thursday, September 13, 2012

Worship Part II: Worship Changes Us

Continued from previous post... Worship is realizing the value of what you are carrying around.  

To carry the thought further...  additionally you can imagine my father would have made changes based on the realization that there was gold in the rocks.  One doesn't find something extraordinary in something ordinary without a reaction.  He would have reoriented his life and all our lives around this new reality.  He would have made plans to acquire more rocks and extract more gold.  To ignore treasure is unthinkable.   

So it is with worship.  It reorients our life.  If something is truly valuable it changes us and gets us on track.  It becomes the magnetic field of our compass.  Are you worshiping the one thing of infinite value?  If so, how is it changing you?  How is your life oriented? 

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