Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bank Fraud and Negativity

Someone, somewhere got a hold of my debit card number and had an early Christmas this past week. We discovered the anomalies a couple of days ago underneath the ‘pending’ section of our bank account. The bank couldn’t actually do anything until the transaction’s posted even though the account was officially closed. So, each morning this week I’ve awakened, gone to the computer in order to check to see how much money I lost the night before. After three days it totaled $948.62. It was downer.

Ever had a week where the first minutes every day were spent finding out what bad thing happened while you were sleeping? Some of you probably have even though it may have nothing to do with bank fraud. There are people that I’ve known who are convinced that something bad happened or is getting ready to happen just about every morning. It’s not a positive way of living. Now there are times when the reality is such (like in my case this week) when you know something did happen but most of the time it’s defeating to spend your life that way. I guarantee you that if you try to find bad… you will. Don’t be that kind of person. A guy named Paul said a long time ago, “Look for the best not the worst. The beautiful not the ugly. Things to praise, not things to curse.” Positive people apply that kind of scriptural thinking to their life.

Research shows that positive people have the same amount of problems as negative people. (did you get that?) Their problems aren’t any different but their response is. I heard Dr Henry Cloud speak this week and he said this, “Pessimistic people usually respond to problems in three ways: A. They personalize it (“Oh, I’m such a loser!”) B. They make it pervasive (“I’m a loser in all areas of my life.”) and C. They make it permanent. (“I’ll never be anything but a loser.”)” Positive people, on the hand, respond to problems in an opposite fashion.

Do you go looking for problems?
How do you respond to problems?
Are you positive or pessimistic?
Can you count the number of times I’ve used words that start with the letter ‘p’ in this blog?

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tmozilo said...

I count 28!

jonathan foster said...

well now i know how to get comments from people... ask simpler questions. hmmm, there's a message in there somewhere...

jtc said...

So sorry to hear about the bank theft, hopefully by now all is secure and restored.

Great blog topic as lately I have had to remind myself that often in life the only control that I have is of my own emotions and reactions to things that are often... outside of my control. It always comes down to choices ... how am I going to let this affect me? Plus do I truly put my faith and trust in he who loves me more than any other. My Dad said to me recently "if you are going to pray why worry and if you are going to worry why pray" (yeah he's awesome)

So even though I know it is healthy to work though a variety of emotions when life throws us a curve ball in the end I hope that I always choose acceptance over resentment, gratitude over discontentment, hope over negativity, and comfort over fear. After all, the responsibility and choice is my own.

jonathan foster said...

i think the account is fixed up now. thanks.

yeah, our circle of influence is pretty small and our circle of control...? that's even smaller. you're right. it comes down to what you choose.

(i think you're dad knows what he's talking about. that's very good and very simple.)